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Different Types of Air conditioners

These days, air conditioners are among the most common electrical appliances in households. Air conditioners are installed in over 75% of households in some form or another. The air conditioning unit is a necessary component of any home and consumes a significant portion of your must-have home appliance budget. Making the appropriate decision is critical since it affects your home’s cooling, comfort, and energy usage. Visit here to get professionals who are really good at aircon servicing Singapore. Here are several types of air conditioners which have their own pros and cons let’s discuss them further:

1. Central Air Conditioner

This form of air conditioning is ideal if you have a large home and want to chill numerous rooms at once.Duct AC system is just one different kind of name for this air conditioner. As it works on a split system where the cold air gets filled through ducts and moves through the central conditioning system. In a split air conditioner, the complete system is combined with two major parts. The unit which is kept outside keeps the condenser and compressor. The indoor unit consists of evaporator coils and an air handler. Central air conditioning, like any other air conditioner, uses refrigerant to remove heat from the indoor air. The ducts are used to bring in the cool air inside the rooms and also move away from the external heat from outside.

2. Ductless Mini-Split

If you want better efficiency, don’t want to deal with a lot of ductwork, or just want to chill a piece of your home, ductless mini-split air conditioners are a wonderful option. The new modern rooms look perfect with a ductless air conditioner.This type of air conditioner is created with one or more outdoor unit which has a compressor and condenser.It is connected through tubes wherein the main refrigerant of the AC helps in circulating the cooling gas as per the need of consumption.

3. Window Air Conditioner

The window air conditioner is basically a device that has all its parts included. It works by blowing cool air inside the room from an interior and it ejects heat backward. This type of AC is fixated inside through some hole on the wall or in the window area. The filter on these air conditioners slides out, allowing it to be cleaned regularly for maximum AC efficiency. These types of air conditioners are best for a small single room as you can avail it in a number of sizes.

Therefore these are the most prominent types of Air conditioners which are widely used in homes and offices.